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Introducing Avanti Smart

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Avanti are proud to introduce Smart lighting control to a variety of LED lighting products in our AVANTI Pro range.

Based on the CASAMBI protocol this allows Smart and individual control of your lighting including colour control, colour temperature change, dimming and scene setting via a free app download to a smartphone.

Scene setting and personalised lighting control is simple via a no gateway bluetooth wireless system.

From office lighting, hotel and restaurant applications through to domestic applications AVANTI Smart puts you in control.

For the first time decorative lighting, chandeliers and bespoke lighting can be controlled in the same network as task lighting!!


Bluetooth Technology

Thanks to Avanti Smart’s Bluetooth technology you are in control of your environment.

Wireless Mesh

Wireless mesh network technology means no control wiring and never paying for expensive programming, as control is in your hands.

No Internet Required

No Internet connection required, except to receive firmware updates ensuring your system is futureproof!


Commercial & Hotels

Commercial premises with daylight saving and automatic sunrise to sunset control!

Schools & SEN

Now equipped to respond to human circadian activity.

Hospitals & Care Homes

Responding to ideal patient recovery environment and patient stimulation.


Domestic environment control, creating the settings and ambience you desire.

Most of our lighting products can be Avanti Smart enabled (Check our product details!) thereby creating a wide range of intelligent lighting!

What is Smart Lighting?

Smart lighting isn’t just about dimming or turning on and off in response to sensors and timers.

Smart lighting is connected and intelligent, so that it can change in brightness or colour in response to all kinds of stimuli.

This can be used to save energy, to enable dynamic light displays, and deliver ‘human-centric lighting’ that promotes well-being.

By harnessing the Internet of Things, smart lights can be controlled from mobile devices or programmed to respond to data from other devices and online services – such as the weather, the location of your car as it pulls up outside the front door, or the TV being switched on.

With smart lighting the possibilities are endless.

What equipment is required?

To control lights with Avanti Smart, all users need are Avanti Smart-enabled luminaires and a mobile device to control them with.

Pretty much every phone, tablet and laptop bought in the last five years is fully compatible with Avanti Smart, and thousands of compatible luminaires from many leading manufacturers of lighting fixtures.

Even without a mobile device, users can control Avanti Smart from traditional wall switches retrofitted with the Avanti Smart Bluetooth chip, or by using any of the wide variety of compatible wall-mounted and wireless switches.

What do installers need to do differently when installing a Avanti Smart system?
Hardly anything.

Simply install Avanti Smart-ready luminaires and controllers, or retrofit – Casambi modules into standard wall switches to control existing lamps and luminaires.

Unlike most professional lighting control systems, which need to be planned, fitted and commissioned by technical experts, Avanti Smart requires no new wiring and no network hardware (other than the light fittings themselves). And because Avanti Smart doesn’t rely on Wi-Fi, there’s no need for a gateway such as a router or bridge. Even if there’s no Wi-Fi network nearby at all, Avanti Smart will work fine. As for commissioning, it’s simple enough to be done by users themselves through the Casambi app.

But it’s still sophisticated enough for more complex installations: facilities managers can easily set themselves up as administrators and limit which functions are made available to general users.

Avanti Smart’s revolutionary system is based on Bluetooth Low Energy, the only low-power radio communication technology that’s built into every modern smartphone, smart watch, laptop and tablet. It provides robust, professional-level smart lighting control from almost any mobile device – and installation couldn’t be simpler.

Unlike many ‘smart’ products, Avanti Smart-enabled products can receive firmware updates over-the-air when required, making the system futureproof.

Bluetooth-avanti Smart

What does Smart lighting allow Lighting Designers to do?
Smart lighting is a game changer for lighting designers. No longer are lighting controls an extra or an after thought – now designers can build flexibility into how spaces are lit from the very outset and provide an immersive, interactive experience.

Avanti Smart makes it easier than ever to use smart lighting to take your designs to the next level.

Designers can introduce ‘human-centric’ lighting, tuning the tone and brightness of light at different times of day to keep people happy, focused and alert. Lighting installations can change for morning, afternoon and evening, or even follow the sunrise and sunset on each day.

And because no new wiring is needed, Avanti Smart can bring cutting-edge control even to protected historic buildings and hard-to-access areas. Then there’s the opportunity to go beyond light by using sensors built into light fittings to respond to different circumstances and share the data in the cloud for all kinds of features.

There are numerous so-called ‘smart’ lighting systems available – and some are smarter than others. In the past they have mostly been based on Wi-Fi, ZigBee or both: ZigBee to talk to the luminaires, and Wi-Fi to talk to the mobile device. Neither system is ideally suited to controlling lighting.

They’re prone to interference, require a strong network signal at all times throughout the whole area where lights are in operation, and rely on a gateway (such as a router or bridge) to communicate with luminaires, which introduces a single point of failure, making the whole system more vulnerable.


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