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Rooted in Italian tradition and culture, Artemesia combines exceptional talent with artistic heritage to create unmistakable, one-of-a-kind Venetian glass chandeliers. Fashioned by hand, these magnificent works of art will brighten any home with their sophisticated aesthetic and dynamic character. A piece of the past radiates through Artemisia’s work, each piece marked by distinctive shapes, colours, patterns, and styles, ranging from classic to contemporary.

The Collection

Trovaso Chandelier

orsetti Chandelier

Samir Chandelier

Zorsi Chandelier

Tintor Chandelier

Querini Chandelier

MoisÈ Chandelier

Erbaria Chandelier

salviati Chandelier

The chandeliers featured above are just a few examples what’s available, please download the catalogue to see more.

If you have specific requirements please contact us to discuss them.

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